• Co-Founders, Collin and Dylan Reyes


    The Reyes Brothers

    Collin and Dylan Reyes co-founded KidzReallyCare during the summer of July 2017, as they wished to make a difference in their local community. They currently live with their parents in Contra Costa County.

    During an overseas trip to the Philippines in January 2017, both Collin and Dylan realized how less fortunate kids were in other countries with little food, clothing and shelter. Seeing boys and girls without shoes, yet playing basketball or tag on the streets was eye-opening, and gave them a sense of appreciation for the blessings they have at home.

    During the 15-hour flight home, they talked about their experiences, what they observed and decided they wanted to do something positive to help others in need with no strings attached. Several months later, KidzReallyCare was formed.

    Mission Statement

    KidzReallyCare is dedicated to helping less fortunate children and families by raising awareness about kids who aren't as privileged. We are committed to donating our time and effort to those in need. We are strive to give all kids a fair shot at succeeding in life!